Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stocking Punch Gift Tags

So do you have all of your gifts wrapped and ready to go?  My kids have been begging every day if they can open just one.  I am holding out (it is a good chore encouraging tool). They have had their hands on all of the gifts that have their names on them and they think they have them all figured out.  I am one of those sneaky moms who hate it when the kids guess the gifts before hand.  Last year I put no names on them at all, just numbers.  When they were handing out the gifts I had a list and told them which person got which numbers. I did mess up and my son ended up with a pink Barbie Volkswagen and my daughter got a CSI kit. I am always good for a laugh. This year I put names on them (but none of them have the right names...shhh!) I made these cute and easy gift tags to put on all of our gifts this year.  I folded my DSP in half and and lined up the punch right below the fold. It worked pretty spiffy.

If you love the Stocking Builder Punch as much as I do then you must put it on your next order. Once the current inventory of this punch has been depleted, it will no longer be available for purchase. It WILL NOT be carried over into the next Idea Book & Catalog.

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  1. I love it that you are ornery with tagging your gifts. My husband loves to handle the presents and guess what is inside. The problem is, he's quite good at it and I am a rotten fibber...and it ticks me off when he figures them all out.

    This year...I threatened him that if he guessed and ruined the surprises, I'd return his gifts to the store. (We don't have children.) He took me seriously and I could not have been more delighted on Christmas morning! :)


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