Saturday, September 12, 2015


Well, life has changed big time here.  After 23 yrs of being a stay at home mom I was offered a part time job that I just could not pass up.    I am still able to homeschool the 2 teens I have left at home and have them with me so it is a win, win situation.  It does take time from my crafting but I get up earlier and try to get some projects done.

Rather than a days work to get this type of project done it takes me 3...but I get it done!  
This is all wood and paint and comes with a wall hanger on the back but can also be displayed on a stand (as I have here).  I think one of these will be hanging in my new office very soon.

I will be starting on Christmas cards soon.  I have my design all lined up and my cardstock should be in next week.

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