Monday, December 19, 2011

Family MDS Picture

These are my wonderful children. I am blessed to be their Mother (Mother-in-law and Grandma) I do make my cards (which you will see on Friday) and I try to include a picture that coordinates with the card.  I do my family picture-card in MDS.  Since my cards are A2 size (4.25" x 5.5") and I use an invitation envelope to send them in I have to make sure my pictures are the same size.  I have them printed in a 4" x 6".  As you can see I left the bottom 1/2" blank.  That way I can just cut off the blank part and drop them in the envelope. In MDS I use a square punch and set it to the 4" x 6" size.  I color it so I do not loose it.  I then create another punch and layer it directly over top of it leaving the 1/2" short.  Then I decorate the area I have left.  I connect them and drag the corner out to be as large as it will allow me to work on.  After I have them just how I want them I export them in a jpeg and crop them to the right size in my photo editing program.  They are then all set to be sent to my local photo printing store for printing.

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