Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Name Meaning Tiles

So I have been wanting to show you some of the fun personalized items going out of my door this Christmas season but due tot he unusual names I have been working with I did not want to give any Christmas gifts away.  Since my grandson is only 2 I do no think he gets much "surfing" opportunities (even though he knows how to run his Mom's phone & tablet way too well!).  

We had special meetings in our church a month or so ago (time has been flying by) and the speaker said something about choosing your child's name carefully because that meaning will hang over his head and define who he is the rest of his life.  We used to have all of our family names and Bible verses hung on the wall years ago, we had a house fire about 15 yrs back and lost them all.  So I decided to start over...with my expanded family and their various households (Family-no you may not all get them all in time for Christmas!)

This tile measures 5.75" x 5.75"  I have lots of vinyl colors and fonts beyond fonts to work with.  These will run $12 each ($5.00 extra if you would like a stand included).  I am able to get larger tiles (and stands) for longer and/or Last names.  Middle names can be included, or other things, in the design. Like usual, all designs will be sent to you for approval prior to cutting.

I hope you like!!!

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