Monday, September 02, 2013


Well, I splurged and bought myself an electronic cutter. I have been pricing and researching them for quite sometime now and decided I really wanted the Sizzix Eclipse.  I got it, new in box, for 1/3 of the regular price.  What a great blessing!!  So I have had it about a week and have tried many fun things.  I love that I can use the images and punches etc from MDS in this program and cut them out.  You will see many projects in the future using this technique.  One of the things I really wanted it for was to make custom wall decals.  I have made many templates for my boys for stencils on their rifles, Kayaks etc.  This machine has already paid for itself.

I hate the term "hallway" and was determined when we built that I would have none of them.  Well, that did not happen and I have a short area going into our bedroom that I call our "Photo hanging opportunity area"  That wall is FULL of pictures. I have 5 generations of wedding pictures hanging there in a family tree layout.    I have some scattered flowers on the wall between the images but wanted something more.  I was playing around yesterday and came up with this design.  I love that I could make it the exact size I wanted.  These do not have to go only on a wall.  They can be put on a frame or a decorative wood etc.  


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