Monday, September 05, 2011

MDS Monday Faces

I haven't worked with my MDS for a long time.  We started school and one of the fun things we do on the first day of school is school picture day. My 15 yr old loves to take pictures so he takes the kids out in the yard and tries to get some good shots for me to update my family tree wall.  I do not like the word hallway so I call it my Photo Hanging Opportunity Area.  We have our family pictures hanging in a pattern to form a family tree of wedding pictures for 5 generations.  My 6 kids are 2 x 3 down the edge.  It took me a while to pick the ones I wanted to print and hang but I knew there were others I just could not delete so I decided they each needed a 2 page spread in our 2011 family book.

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  1. Your page is very pretty and so is the young girl who has been captured by the camera. Thanks for sharing. :)



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