Monday, February 06, 2012


Well, we had a long weekend.  My #3 son had a 2 day out of town basketball tournament to attend and I never miss a game so off I went.  After traveling the 2.5 hrs to the tournament and his team winning first place we then had to travel another almost 4 hours to another game that night.  Unfortunately my son was injured in that game when he took a shoulder to the neck.  He had numbness and tingling in all extremities and blurred vision so we spent the night in 2 hospitals (first one's CT machine was broke and they did not have a neurosurgeon on call that night so we took an ambulance trip to another one near by).  His team is a group of great boys who love the pictures I take at their games so I thought I would put this together for my son in MDS to raise his spirits (it is now the wallpaper on his phone).  He is home with no fractures found. They think it might be swelling and ligament damage that is causing the problems.  He is in a hard neck collar for awhile.  He is the monster tall one in the center of the boys- 16 years 6'3" and growing.  The team is 18 wins and 4 loses and praying my son can continue the rest of the year playing with them.


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  1. hope your son is all right, love the photo you took-amazing layout


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