Monday, November 28, 2011

Heritage Book-Family Record Page MDS

I am still plugging away at my Mother's Heritage book.  It may not make it for Christmas.  Since she wanted it right up to the day I send it to the publisher I thought that I would need to include a page or two for her to write any additional births or marriages.  I found the top part as an image in a Google search.  I added a punched squared background and matched it to what was already behind the image so that it blended.   For the corners I wanted something ornate.  So I opened my photo editing program, brought in the Frame It Stamps and cropped a few corners and sides.  I then saved them right back in the same folder with a slight change of the file name.  I was then able to open them just like any other stamp in MDS and alter them just like normal.  The lines I also created in my photo editing program (Microsoft Picture it) saved it as a png file in  the Frame It folder and I was able to alter the color to match once I placed it on my page.  So if there is ever a stamp in MDS that you just want a part of, you don't have to mask it, make it work for you! (If you do accidentally save it without changing the name after altering it, you may have to re-install or re-download)

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