Thursday, October 01, 2009

Another MDS

Well, I had to run all day today so when I sat down (after sitting for 2 hours in cold rain watching my son play football) I wanted to create so I turned on my MDS. I hope to get my hands a little inky yet tomorrow. As you can already see I have re-done my blog and Web-site. They are done with all elements from the MDS. I was doing some reading and just wanted to see if I could still do somethings in this program that I could do in my other one and sure enough I could.

This is of my 3 youngest at the Appalachians last month.

I put the eyelets where I wanted them and then after putting the ribbon on I shortened it to fit just in the circle of the eyelet. Then I put the paperclip on, copy and pasted the ribbon and shortened it to match the end of the one I had first placed but yet be over top of one side of the paperclip. The tricky part was the hardware. I did not want to have the second hole in the bottom, so I brought in the same picture twice and cropped a piece of the sky to fit over the side I wanted gone.

I love the stamp in monochromatic and the shading makes it just "pop". I wanted both sides of the image shaded so it looks like it is popped up. So I first matted and shaded one side, I then took a punch and made it the Dusty Duranago color and when I shaded it I just moved the shade to the other side and sized it to fit right under the picture.

If I missed anything or if you have any questions about MDS please post them. I love this program and I know you will too!

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