Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wacky Wednesday-Cards

All 55 cards have sold out.  Please check back as time goes by more will be added.

Ok, today I am cleaning shop.  Any of the cards I have on hand are $1.00 off per card.   So if it is marked $3.00, the price until February 18th is $2.00.  Shipping: If you are local I will deliver for free. If you order more than one I will ship for whatever I can ship them the cheapest.  If you order one card the shipping will be whatever postage it will cost to mail.  All cards come with an envelope enclosed in a clear envelope.  The insides are blank.  If you would like the inside personalized, just ask!  I will throw that in for free!

If you need something to hold your cards in my Tin card Boxes will also be on sale for $7.00.   Topic dividers included.


Have you checked out my Wacky Wednesday deal???


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