Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sparkle Butterfly

This is the last of the "old" cards that I have had saved in drafts.  I do not have information on it but I wanted to share it anyways.  As I said, things got a bit overwhelming in my household and my good intentions of having posts lined up for when I was off to doctor appointments did not go as planned.  I know some of these sets will already be on my retired list or no longer available.  I hope you can get some inspiration from them for a color, layout  or just something you can use to create a card you can share.    ;-) 

I have a new order coming in tomorrow and will start designing my Christmas cards.  I hope now that school has started again and we are back to a somewhat normal schedule that I will be able to spend some time in my work space and get some projects posted once again.

I hope you have all had a WONDERFUL summer!!


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