Monday, January 30, 2012

Genealogy Page

Yes, I am still working on my Mother's genealogy book.  I did not get it done in time for Christmas as a bunch of other projects came up and I had a big break that added many new pages. At this time the book is about 140 pages. I place all of the objects I want on the page and then I go back and decorate.  I try to keep things in a 2 page spread and I want the pages in the right order before I decorate.  All of the pages with the family trees have the same concept: same background, same size boys and girls and same layout (-design).  I smeared out the names here because they are present day and I do not feel right publishing their information. Once I put the medallion stamp on this page my daughter told me that I should add some bling.  When she came back and saw what I had done she LOVED it so I just had to share it (plus I haven't posted any MDS in quite a while even though I have been getting about 4 pages done a night).  To add the color behind the flower I just added circle punches, colored then in and then moved them back to be behind the stamp.

Details: MDS


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