Monday, December 07, 2009

MDS Monday

Today I am going to go over a quick but easy concept of grouping. I love this option when I have added a few small elements and do not want to move each and every one one at a time.

So I have started with a stamped flower from the Always set. I have already put in the background paper and added a stitched stem. I would love to color this flower in so off we go....

I have now taken the oval punch and shrunk it down to fit the inside of a petal. After I changed the color then I then copied and pasted each one and placed it to fit over each one.

Now that I have them where I want them I DO NOT want them to move. So I have clicked each one while holding down the ctrl key. Once I had them all clicked I go to the navigation bar/arrange and choose group.

This will lock them all together. Now I just need to either go up to the layer in the navigation or hold down the shift + Ctrl button and click the arrow button down until it is how I want. it.

Now that I have the oval petal group behind the flower outline I am going to once again hold down the Ctrl button and add the flower outline to the grouping.

So now I can freely move the created colored flower around and not have to worry about all of the little pieces.

I have added a few more embellishments including some oval petals for my flower.

I hope this has given you something new to try on your MDS. Let's see what I can come up with next week! If you have any requests please post them here!


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  1. thanks for all the tips, I can't load my MDS as my CD drive is not reading anything and alas need a new computer! hopefully santa will bring me one, but I have all your great posts to go back to when I get started!


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