Friday, July 06, 2007

I've been tagged!

Kathleen from My Happy Place Blog tagged me. With this one I am suppose to list 7 random things about myself....ugh!

1.) Obviously I am a SAHM to my 5 kids left at home (one has flown the nest and started one of is own) and I love it!!

2.) I am addicted to blogging ( I have like 6 or 7) and shoes (like 70+ pairs)

3.) I started dabbling in web-design : First Baptist Church, Disciple Maker Ministries

4.) I'm a major night owl, once the kids and DH are asleep I need "me" time, even if it is just reading or watching a movie.

5.) I am my hardest critic and never think anything I do is good enough.

6.) I love to work with kids no matter what the subject

7.) I love to teach ~ home-schooling, Sunday School, Stamping, anything! I love educating!!!

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Lisa S

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  1. Thanks Debi, I truly appreciate your blogging abilities. You are so generous with them.


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